Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129

Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129 21 October, 2017

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi will fly with the T-129 ATAK helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) tomorrow, according to Prime Minister Abbasi, who came to Turkey for the D-8 Summit, will take-off from Istanbul with TAI test pilot and experience helicopter flight experience. Pakistan's new prime minister has flown with the F-16 in the past few months.

TAI developed the helicopter designed by Italian AgustaWestland with the name of A-129 and named it T-129. ASELSAN has undertaken the software and development of the electronic systems of the ATAK helicopter, primarily mission computers. The Turkish Land Forces Command is actively using the T-129, especially in the Southeast. 24 T-129's were delivered to the service so far.

Pakistan has been negotiating on T-129 helicopters with Turkey for many years. Last year a T-129 helicopter was sent to Pakistan and high altitude tests were conducted. Pakistan's aviation associations were very pleased with the performance of T-129.


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