Pakistan’s Submarines Entrusted to STM

Pakistan’s Submarines Entrusted to STM 5 March, 2018

The contract signing ceremony for the second submarine under the Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B Class Submarine Modernisation Project was held at the premises of Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production,  with the attendance of representatives from Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production and the Pakistan Navy.

The contract was signed by General Arshad Mahmood of Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production; Davut Yılmaz, General Manager of STM; and Savaş Onur, Naval Projects Director at STM.

The newly signed contract has introduced activities for the modernisation of a second submarine into the Agosta 90B Class Submarine Modernisation Project. While all the systems specified in the main contract will similarly be used in the configuration of the second submarine, additional systems have also been included into the submarine configuration, which will all be reflected onto the project’s first submarine as well. Furthermore, with this latest contract amendment, a third submarine and various additional systems have been introduced into the project as options.

Under the project, modernisation activities will be performed at a Karachi-based shipyard of the Pakistan Navy; the first submarine will be delivered in 2020, while the other submarines are expected to have their modernisations completed with intervals of one year between them.

The project represents the first time a Turkish company has been selected as the prime contractor for a submarine project conducted overseas. Under the project, STM will be exporting its design and engineering services for the very first time.

In addition to the design, engineering and procurement activities to be carried out as part of the project, STM will also provide integrated logistic support and training services to different units of the Pakistan Navy.

The modernisation works will include the replacement of the submarine’s entire sonar suite, periscope systems, command and control system, radar and electronic support systems. HAVELSAN- and ASELSAN-made systems will also be exported as part of the project.

Under the project, STM will make modifications on the pressure hull, the most critical structure in a submarine, by carrying out system-to-system and platform-to-system integrations for various systems, to be provided by local and foreign companies. 

Pakistan’s Submarines Entrusted to STM

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