Panther Modernization is Close

Panther Modernization is Close 8 June, 2018

The 155-millimeter Panther howitzer, developed by MKEK, became completely different with the touches of ASELSAN and the General Directorate of Military Factories. The process, starting with the modernization of the howitzer with MKEK in 2010 and continuing with the integration on the truck in 2016, was completed with testing of qualification tests.

The Panter, one of the most successful weapons of the Turkish artillery, was integrated into the truck and had lower initial cost of procurement, operation, maintenance and handling costs compared to tracked systems with similar firepower. In addition to integration with the truck, the servo system and electronic units are renewed, and digital communication, technical firing management, ballistic calculation and muzzle velocity management capability were gained. In addition, integration of the Turkish artillery into the command, control, computer, communication and intelligence system (C4I) of ADOP-2000 was also provided. According to the information published in ASELSAN magazine, modernization studies of all of the howitzer will start in 2018.

Issue 86