Pantsir-S Missile Battalion Enters Service in Crimea

Pantsir-S Missile Battalion Enters Service in Crimea December 1, 2018

The deployment comes after three Ukrainian ships enters Russia controlled waters as they sailed toward the Kerch Strait last Sunday. Russia has deployed a Pantsir-S missile and anti-aircraft artillery battalion to Crimea, according to the press service of the Russian Southern Military District.

"The newest [Pantsir-S] air defence systems have entered service among the anti-aircraft missile units of the Southern Military District deployed in Crimea […] as part of the programme to re-equip the district's troops," the press service said.

Earlier this week, S-400 batteries were deployed near the Crimean cities of Feodosia, Sevastopol and Yevpatoria.

The system is armed with a pair of dual 2AQ38M 30 mm automatic cannons and up to twelve 57Eb-E two-stage solid fuel radio-command-guided surface-to-air missiles capable of hitting targets up to 20 kilometres away and at altitudes of up to 15 kilometres.

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