Pars Mine Protected Vehicle

Pars Mine Protected Vehicle 20 July, 2020

With the shifting of threatening elements to an asymmetric dimension, demands for mine-resistant armoured land vehicles increased. In this context, countries carry out different studies.

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir made the first assembly of Pars 6x6 MPV (Mine Protection Vehicle) with a ceremony held in Gölbaşı Facilities of FNSS. FNSS General Manager and CEO Nail Kurt, company and SSB officials also participated in the ceremony, which was carried out under COVID-19 measures.

A new platform, the only one of its class in the world, has been developed for the Turkish Armed Forces, which have significant experience in IED and EOD experience. With the studies carried out within the scope of the Pars Mine Protected Vehicle Project, FNSS production Pars 6x6 has become the only one of its kind. The new vairant, whose mine resistance is significantly increased, will be equipped with advanced weapons, imaging and communications systems. Turkish Army will take delivery of 12 vehicles, which is aimed to bring important capabilities to the Turkish Armed Forces, at the first stage. The first Pars 6x6 MPV will be delivered in 2021. Information is also spoken in the defence backstage that the platform can perform reconnaissance-observation missions in high-risk environments.

In the images shared with the press, it was seen that Pars 6x6 MKKA has equipped with two RCWS (Remote Control Weapon System), gunshot detection system and jammers as well as RPG-net that provides effective protection against shaped-charge warheads.

Pars Mine Protected Vehicle

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