PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range

PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range 16 July, 2018

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia has released new images from the tests of the new PASARS-16 short-range air defense system. The PASARS-16 Terminator, which carried out live ammunition firing tests in the exercise held by the 98th Air Brigade in Serbia's Air and Air Defence Force, completed its initial tests.

The PASARS-16 Terminator consists of 6x6 FAP 2026 military truck with integrated Bofors 40 mm in the armored cabinet. The system requires two operators for operation. Platform can launch RLN-1C missiles optionally. PASARS-16 Terminator can engage air and ground targets from 4,000 meter range with gun and can hit threats from 12,000 meters with missile.

Comprehensive tests are expected to be completed in 2018, and then the system will enter the Serbian Armed Forces inventory.


PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range

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