Patria 6x6 Unveiled

Patria 6x6 Unveiled 13 June, 2018

Patria, based in Finland, has introduced the new armored personnel carrier (APC) called Patria 6x6 in Eurosatory 2018. The vehicle weighs 24 tons. Patria 6x6 can carry up to 8,5 tons payoad.

According to the statement made by the company, vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of weapons, including the AMOS 120 millimeter mortar system, which is already in is use Finnish Army mounted on the AMV vehicles. In the version of Patria 6x6 introduced in the Eurosatory, vehicle equipped with 12.7 millimetres M2 machine gun in a shielded gun station. Vehicle can also be equipped pintle mounted 5.56 millimetres and 7.62 millimetres machine guns on the rear side of the upper part of the vehicle. APC is powered by a five-cylinder engine producing 294 kW and it has seven forward and two reverse gearbox. The maximum speed of a vehicle capable of 700 kilometers with a single tank is 100 kilometers per hour. The body of vehicle which has 10 seats for troops is made of steel and it can be reinforced with additional armor plates and the protection level of the vehicle can be increased to STANAG 4569 standards up to Level 4.

Patria 6x6 Unveiled

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