Patria Cooperation for Armoured Vehicle

Patria Cooperation for Armoured Vehicle 31 January, 2020

Finland-based land vehicle manufacturer Patria has signed a cooperation agreement for a new armored vehicle development project.

Finland and Lithuania set out to join forces for the platform, which is planned to be developed under the Lithuanian Army Mobility Development Program. Under the agreement signed with the ceremony attended by the defence ministers of the both countries, a joint wheeled armored vehicle development project will be carried out. In this way, besides a budget-friendly solution, a secure supply chain that can work in coordination will be established in the future procurement processes. Within the scope of the program, which is currently started by two countries, but is welcome to join new countries in the future, a new platform will be developed to meet the requirements based on the chassis that Patria uses in 6x6 vehicles.

Patria Cooperation for Armoured Vehicle

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