Patria: Driving the 6x6 in Lapland’s Snow 7 February, 2019

With a long experience in the production of armoured wheeled vehicles, Patria of Finland is probably one of the most northern located manufacturers for this type of system. C4Defence took pride in being the only invitee to test the two prototypes in a region 100 kms away from from the Arctic Polar Circle.

In Finland, where snow covers the country for a good part of the year, Patria’s Land Business unit is based in Hämeenlinna, some 80 km north of Helsinki, where the vehicles R&D and prototype assembly line is located. Overall the Land Business accounts for 10% of the group personnel, which makes 278 people (data 2017) and produces 19% of the group revenues, which in 2017 totalled €466.7m. As for ownership, Patria is co-shared by the Finnish State (50.1%) and by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS of Norway (49.9%).

Issue 86


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