PD170 Achieved 1500 Hours 25 April, 2018

TEI's PD170 engine developed for the Anka unmanned aerial vehicle achieved 1500th ground test hour during trials.

PD170 is developed for the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. PD170 is doubled the Anka’s existing engine which is modified from automotive engine. Within the scope of the tests which started in June, 2017, the engine, which was held in difficult combinations with different combinations, provided the desired performance and confidence. It is planned that the first of the serial production version of the engines will be delivered this summer after the tests. One PD170 is already delivered and test are continuing with four engines according to the information provided by C4Defence. The critical engine altitude of the current engine is 10,500 feet while the critical altitude of the PD170 is 20,000 feet. That means TEI's engine can go up to 20,000 feet without power loss. This means more useful load at the same altitude or higher altitude with standard equipment.

The PD170 is also a strong alternative for the UAV engine market as it is tailored to the current performance.

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