Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker

Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker 4 March, 2019


The Pentagon intends to develop high-energy laser weapons on the chassis of the Stryker, Infantry Carrier Vehicle.

The order comes from the Directorate of Space and Missile Defence with the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM). The Pentagon plans to study the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of its HEL (High Energy Laser) weapon by improving its control and cooling systems.

The application states that a modern experimental laser facility is equipped with a 50 kW generator and is placed on a heavy truck with enhanced mobility and a load capacity of 14.5 tons. The military expects to get more compact HEL complexes to use them on Stryker medium tactical armoured vehicles.

The Pentagon now plans to purchase more compact weapons of this type to mount them on its Stryker tactical vehicles. At the same time, the US military wants the deployment of the new laser installation takes more than five minutes and the time interval between shots is 0.02 seconds, according to the document.

Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker

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