UFO Surprise from the Pentagon

UFO Surprise from the Pentagon 28 April, 2020

The U.S. Department of Defence (Pentagon) has officially released a video Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO). The Pentagon calls these images the Unexplained Weather Phenomena ( UAP).

The three videos the Pentagon shared without comments include objects recorded by U.S. Navy pilots on mission flights between 2004 and 2015.

In the Pentagon's written statement on the subject, it was expressed that the publication of the videos in question did not contain sensitive information on the Navy page and would not compromise this system.

It was also stated that the videos were already on the Internet and that it was decided to be officially published.

The UFO video, the 2004 release, was released in 2017 in the New York Times. It was also revealed that the Advanced Aviation and Space Threats Identification Program ( AATIP) working on the Identification of Space Threats, was said to have started in 2007 and closed in 2012, continued to operate insight.

The Pentagon explained that they had no knowledge of the nature of flying objects in the video and that they remained in an 'unidentified' status.

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