60 Years of Phantom

60 Years of Phantom 27 May, 2018

F-4 Phantom II is celebrating its 60th birthday. The F-4 Phantom II, developed by McDonnel Douglas for the US Navy, has a distinct place in the hearts of both pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The F-4 Phantom II put it’s signature to the skies with it’s grandeur, iconic view and sound of engines and  put it’s signature to the history with the losses, achievements and victories. The aircraft made the maiden flight on May 27, 1958.

The F-4 Phantom, one of the most special aircrafts in aviation history, is also known by the nickname "Godfather" in the Turkish Air Force personnel, because of the load capacity, majesty and other abilities  as well as the strange events for example landing while both pilots ejected. These flying legends have reached the 60th year in the blue sky, continues to fly in the inventory of Republic of Korea, Iran, Japan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey.

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60 Years of Phantom

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