Philippines and Turkey Inked MoU

Philippines and Turkey Inked MoU 18 December, 2018

Turkey, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippines. Agreement between the Philippines and Turkey is on the defence industry cooperation.




With the agreement signed to increase cooperation between the two countries, the two countries will cooperate in defence. In addition to many projects, the procurement of weapons, ammunition and pistols is expected to continue. Besides, many projects such as T129 Atak helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, fire support platforms, light tanks, naval vessels, modernization of armoured vehicles are on the table. Technical cooperation will be ensured with procurement. Atak helicopter is priority on the main agenda.




President of Defence Industry Prof. Ismail Demir said in his statement that Turkey’s indigenous vehicles will gain momentum as they come to the market and their performance will increase and demand will increase and usage will become widespread. Demir gave information about Atak helicopter. Less than 10 platforms are talked in the backstage, but the number of platforms considered to be more options, with options to the Philippines, the possibility of sale of the attack helicopter up to 30.

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