Pilots to Fly With The Blink Of An Eye

Pilots to Fly With The Blink Of An Eye 24 September, 2018

BAE Systems is developing technology to enable pilots to control the fighter jet of the future with the blink of an eye.

BAE Systems’ specialist team of Human Factors engineers collaborates with pilots to better understand and anticipate their needs in this challenging environment. One area the team is focusing on is technologies that enable pilots to control the cockpit in new ways.

Lead Technologist Jean Page described it as ‘wearable cockpit’. Many of the physical elements of the cockpit are replaced with a virtual display, projected through the helmet. It’s a software-only cockpit. It is upgradeable, adaptable and reconfigurable.

BAE Systems demonstrated this approach in the future combat aircraft concept model, Tempest, which was unveiled for the first time at the 2018 Farnborough International Air Show.


Issue 86