PKG-A Program Completed

PKG-A Program Completed 29 January, 2018

The Republic of Korea received the 18th and last PKG-A Class patrol vessel. At the ceremony held at Jinhae Naval Base, the ship was officially put into service.
The 63-meter-long platform was built by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding. The PKG-As were developed to replace Chamsuri Class patrol vessels in the Korean Navy inventory. The 579-tonne platform was equipped with a SSM-700K surface-to-surface missiles, 76 millimeters and 40 millimeters guns.
LIG Nex 1 SPS-540K three-dimensional radar, Ceros 200 9LV327 Mk 3E multi-sensor tracking device, STX SPS-100K surface scanning radar, Samsung-Thales production electrooptics and the Hanwa production Naval Shield battle management system are among the electronics of the ship class.

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