Poland is Getting Ready for a New Heli

Poland is Getting Ready for a New Heli 18 October, 2016

Poland and Ukraine is getting ready to jointly develop a completely new helicopter. Polish Defence Ministry stated that due to the conflict in Ukrain, Polish military will need helicopters on its eastern flank. The Minister added that both parties had different areas of expertise which they can combine effectively; Ukrain to produce engines for the new helicopters and Poland to make a composite body. The engine manufacturer Polish Defence Minister refers to is Motor Sich, who manufactures a wide range of aircraft engines, main gearboxes and other components as well as maintenance and upgrade services. Motor Sich previously worked on  Antonov An-8 and An-10, the Yakovlev Yak-40 and Yak-42, and the Mil Mi-8MT, Mi-14 and Mi-171 aircraft. In addition to Polish Military, the new helicopter is planned to be sold to the militaries of Central and Eastern European allies of Poland.

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