Poland’s Hybrid Patriot Requisition

Poland’s Hybrid Patriot Requisition 7 September, 2016

Polish Defence Ministry sent a letter of request to the US Government to buy the US Army’s Patriot air-and-missile defence system during a military conference held in Poland on Tuesday. Poland has been indecisive regarding the procurement of an air-and-missile defense system for some time, as one of the main requirements was a radar system to provide 360-degree protection. When in 2015 the decision on purchasing Patriot was made, the change in government after the elections in November put a hold on the decision yet again. Finally, Raytheon’s Patriot received approval from the Polish Government. Poland wants a total of eight systems, although one of their requirements is that the first two Patriot Systems to be delivered would not have Raytheon’s battle command system but Northrop Grumman’s Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS), a future technology of the company expected to reach operational capability in 2019. The next six would have a 360-degree radar, something the current Patriot system doesn’t have. Poland’s initial agreement with the US Government covers two systems and is expected to finalize by the end of 2016. Poland will also shoulder 50 percent of the workshare to build Patriots. 

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