Poloz Pistol

Poloz Pistol 20 August, 2020

Russia, which has a deep-rooted defence industry infrastructure inherited from the Soviet Union, continues to studies on the development of modern systems.

The Russian State subsidiary ROSTEC introduced the new pistol developed by the Russian Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering. The new weapon, called Poloz, uses 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition. Designed for use of the Russian Police and Border Guards, the pistol was developed from Udav. The gun, which has a polymer structure, was produced to replace the Makarov which fired 9x18 mm ammunition and 9x19 mm Yarygin PYa.

Poloz, which reaches an effective range of up to 50 meters, can perform its task in the temperature range of -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. It is stated that the gun has a life of 10,000 rounds. The gun, which is fed from a 15 or 18-round magazine, can be customized according to mission requirements thanks to its modular structure.

Issue 86