Poniard Trial

Poniard Trial 14 April, 2020

The Republic of Korea is expanding the measures it takes against the Northern threat with modern systems. with its important technological infrastructure and advanced production capabilities.

Operating in the Republic of Korea, LIG ​​Nex1 made a test launch on April 7. In the activity, the Poniard 2.75" missile system, locally called Bigung, was trialled. The missiles launched from the truck-mounted launch system also managed to hit 10 designated marked targets. The projectile proved that it met all US standards in tests held in association with the US delegation in October 2019.

Developed by LIG Nex1 and the Republic of Korea, Poniard is a guided missile with a diameter of 2.75 "(70 mm). The rocket was developed for the use of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps within the scope of the need for a mobile coastal defence system. Having an important feature such as multi-engagement to high-speed surface targets, Bigung can be used from two launchers stationed in 6x6 Kia KM250 trucks and a total of 36 missiles, 18 of each. Vehicles are equipped with own target detection and fire control systems, so they can operate as batteries or detached. The Poniards, whose development process was completed in 2016, can also be deployed on maritime vessels The land-based model, which will be was used in the inventory of the Republic of Korea in 2024, will replace coastal defence that has reached the end of its economic life.

Poniard Trial

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