Poseidon Declared Operational

Poseidon Declared Operational 6 April, 2020

The P-8 Poseidon, which is developed over Boeing 737 commercial aircraft, is become more operational in the operations theatre day by day.

The UK had not acquired a maritime patrol aircraft for a long time after retiring their last Nimrod MRA.Mk4. In line with the changing battlefield requirements, nine P-8A Poseidon procurement agreement were signed with the US at the beginning of 2017 for the Royal Air Force, which determined the need for a new generation long range patrol platform in 2015. London, which received the first aircraft last year, announced that the platforms have reached the initial operational capability (IOC).

The first P-8A with serial number ZP801 reached Kinloss Barracks located in the city of Elgin on February 4, and the ZP802 registered second platform on March 13 and started training. P-8A Poseidons have great importance not only for the Royal Air Force but also for NATO. The platforms will play a significant role in the monitoring activities of the GIUK Gap (Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom), which is mainly used by the Russian Navy; and also  the nuclear submarine fleet for the transition to the Atlantic Ocean and located in the triangle of Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom.

Poseidon Declared Operational

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