Procurement for Namer

Procurement for Namer 15 February, 2019

The US has announced the approval of Israel's procurement request. Israel, will procure the sub-component for Namer armoured personnel carrier (APC).

Israel will be procure a large amount of component as part of the procurement program, which is expected to cost $ 238 million in total. In a statement from the US Department of Defence Security Cooperation Agency, the United States approved sale of 240 MT883 full-configuration power packages, 30 MT883 power packages in light configuration, 179 control equipment, and C-level maintenance equipment to the sale of engine testing equipment.  The statement contained information that the equipment was supplied to Namer armoured personnel carriers. It is not known whether the equipment to be procured will be used to replace the existing Namer power packs. Recently, Israel does not have a known Namer order.

MTU America was selected as the main contractor for the procurement, which the US announced would not disrupt the military balance in the region. When M113s did not provide the desired protection in the urban area, the Namer ZPT was developed over the fuselage of the decommissioned Merkava Mk1 tanks. The platform, which can provide as much protection as a modern main battle tank, can carry 10 personnel alongside three crew members and is involved in many operations of the Israeli Defence Force.

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