Prof. Dr. Demir Answered Land Systems Questions

Prof. Dr. Demir Answered Land Systems Questions 7 May, 2020

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir answered questions of Turkey's leading defence magazines via domestic video conferencing system. Answering the questions of C4Defence, Demir made important statements about the Turkish defence sector's post-COVID-19 period plans in addition to land vehicles and engine systems.

Professor Dr. Demir stated that their targets have not changed for the period after COVID-19. While the advantages of the new period are stated to be in itself, he told that the position taken by the sector during the epidemic period may bring advantage in terms of perception. Demir pointed out the result of the bad situation in the West, but noted the absence of such a problem for Turkey and announced the continuation of non-stop deliveries. Industry's studies will provide advantages for Turkey in advancing the process of maintaining discipline and explained the progress without disturbing the international outlook could change. He stated that the primary goal is psychological relaxation and that every situation will be handled according to the specific conditions of force majeure. Calling to continue production by reducing the effects to a minimum. Dr. Demir also announced that special permits were taken and curfews were taken in the curfew for the sector. It was stated that the main purpose is the continuation of the projects without losing the workforce. In this process, it is aimed to maintain the level that the sector has reached by offering solutions and deciding the measures by keeping the sector cycle healthy and following the level.

Prof. Dr. Demir, who made explanations about the problems encountered due to the engine answered questions about the domestic critical sub-component studies, especially the engine. In some processes, it was stated that unexpected steps were encountered from friendly and allied countries, while strange attitudes emerged in the steps taken to protect national interests. Underlining that the defence sector is not an area that can be approached to the side, he pointed out that the Turkish defence sector has a lack of experience in some areas and that many processes require time. While it was stated that studies were carried out to solve the problems, it was underlined that there was no failure chance in finding solutions.

Domestic power solutions have great importance for the sustainable success and export of domestic systems. Professor Dr. İsmail Demir made statements about the work carried out. He explained that the works carried out with the foreign partner in the Altay engine process are progressing positively. Underlining that there are also B and C plans for possible circumstanses. Dr. Demir underlined the need to develop complex systems, not only the engine alone but also called a power pack. It was stated that the studies were carried out in this area, while the positive results were close.

Explaining that R&D studies are carried out on new generation solutions such as hybrid and electric drive in addition to conventional systems, President Demir signalled that different solutions can be tried in the future.


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