Qatar’s New Partner

Qatar’s New Partner 27 January, 2020

The Italy-based Fincantieri company, which is making new strides to strengthen its position in the Middle East, has reached a new agreement with Qatar. Fincantieri and the Ministry of Defence of Qatar through Barzan Holding, a company wholly owned by the Qatari Ministry of Defence and responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the national armed force in the state, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at strengthening their strategic partnership through the evaluation and studies of new technologies and capabilities.

In 2016, an agreement worth four billion Euros was signed between Fincantieri and Qatar for seven surface vessels to be built. The company, which wants to make its presence in the Middle East visible;  Fincantieri established Fincantieri Services Middle East in Doha, which will be the focal point for all the services and after sales activities on the naval vessels built by the Group for Qatar.

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