HMS Queen Elisabeth at F-35B Trials

HMS Queen Elisabeth at F-35B Trials 25 January, 2020

HMS Queen Elizabeth gets Closer to Becoming Operational as Carrier Leaves For Trials

The Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth has left Portsmouth for her first flight trials with British F-35B fighter jets in UK waters. During the flight trials, it is expected British F-35Bs will make their first landings on Queen Elizabeth in UK waters. Six pilots, from the Navy and RAF, will carry out their aircraft carrier qualification during that time. Last year, HMS Queen Elizabeth spent a few months off the east coast of the United States, undergoing flight trials with F-35s.

The £3.1 billion aircraft carrier now has three testing points to pass before gaining initial operational capability.

During the forthcoming trials, F-35B pilots will land their aircraft on to the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth in different conditions, as well as providing further tests for the aircraft carrier's crew.

Queen Elizabeth is expected to become operational in 2021.

HMS Queen Elisabeth at F-35B Trials

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