Leakage Occurred on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Leakage Occurred on HMS Queen Elizabeth 12 July, 2019


The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the biggest and most powerful warship in the United Kingdom, has suffered a major leak. HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth Naval Base last month to embark on five weeks of sea trials. Warship has returned to Portsmouth early after a major leak on board.  A source has told Forces News that a high-pressure salt water pipe burst, letting more than 200 tonnes of water into the ship. That caused flooding on several decks, which our source says put three people at risk of drowning.  The Ministry of Defence (MOD) says the aircraft carrier was due to return for planned maintenance later this week but returned earlier as a "precautionary measure".

All water from the leak was pumped out of the ship.  An investigation is underway. The MOD has been asked for a further statement. The aircraft carrier weighs 65,000 tonnes and has a top speed of 25 knots. Last year, HMS Queen Elizabeth spent four months on America's east coast, where F-35s conducted more than 500 take-offs and landings.

Leakage Occurred on HMS Queen Elizabeth

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