ASELSAN Sign on Radar Absorbent Material

ASELSAN Sign on Radar Absorbent Material 29 January, 2020

ASELSAN, which carries out the development activities of high importance systems under the New Type Submarine Project, has completed factory acceptance tests of a critical product. Thanks to the component that the company designed and developed with its own capabilities, the detection of Reis Class (Type 214) submarines will become more difficult.

According to the news published by Anadolu Agency, factory acceptance tests of composite radar absorbent material products, developed as a result of R&D studies of ASELSAN and planned to be used on periscopes of Reis Class air-independent protection submarines, were completed. The factory acceptance trials of the structural components were completed with the participation of the delegation of ThyssenKrupp Shipyard, Hensoldt Opronics, Presidency of Defence Industries and Turkish Navy staff.

The materials that reduce the radar cross-section area are have great importance for ensuring stealthiness, which is the biggest weapon of the submarine. Periscopes, the eyes of the submarines can be detected using radar while on the surface. For this reason, radar absorbent materials are vital to ensure stealthiness of platform for cannot be detected.

ASELSAN Sign on Radar Absorbent Material

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