RAND: Japan Insufficient

RAND: Japan Insufficient 3 January, 2019

The Chinese-Japanese competition, which has increased in recent years, makes the waters of the region increasingly hot. The rivalry between the two major powers of Asia continues to increase in the military field, apart from political and economic areas.


The US-based think thank RAND has recently published a study on the Chinese-Japanese competition on the Chinese Sea. In the study, it was concluded that the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force was insufficient against the increasing Chinese activities. China increases their air activities especially in the Senkaku Islands and the surrounding region. It was emphasized that Japan struggled to be a presence in the region, but the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force were inadequate due to insufficient inventory and limited equipment to prevent the Chinese Air Force. RAND authors recommended that the United States be given more support for Japan to solve the equipment problem.

RAND: Japan Insufficient

Issue 86