Range Increased

Range Increased 9 October, 2019

The 16th Arms and Security Exhibition in Kiev continues on the second day. During the event, Ukrainian company Luchs introduced the RK-10 missile.

The system, which could technically be described as a extended-range version of the Bar'er missile, was developed specifically for use with rotary wing aircraft. Bar'er missile was used as the basis of the project carried out with the company's own resources. While the amount of ammunitio's fuel was increased, the engine's thrust was increased slightly to tolerate the increasing weight. In the missile, whose range was increased to 10 kilometers, has a tandem warhead, which could penetrate components providing equivalent protection to 1100 millimeter RHA after the ERA armour. Ammunition weighs 38 kilograms weight of ammunition when it is ready to fire in the canister is 62 kilograms. The ammunition, guided by an automatic laser tracking system, can be equipped with high-explosive anti-tank and high-explosive warheads. The system is currently under development and wind tunnel tests are completed and the first test launch of the system is planned to be made towards the end of 2019.

Range Increased

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