Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates'

Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates' 7 December, 2017

 Raytheon announced that it has formed a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Raytheon Emirates, incorporated and headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

The company said, "The creation of Raytheon Emirates supports the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 by forming an aerospace and defense business that fosters cyber-secure digital transformation, contributes to the nation’s economic diversification, and employs a highly-skilled, highly-productive Emirati workforce," in its press release.

The new subsidiary will oversee Raytheon’s operations in the Emirates by leveraging capabilities and resources in the fields of cybersecurity, effectors, air defense and sustainment, and advanced technology.

John Brauneis named Chief Executive of Raytheon Emirates.

Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates'

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