Huge Deal for Raytheon

Huge Deal for Raytheon 27 August, 2019

The United States has signed an agreement worth 534 million US Dollars with Raytheon. Under the agreement, the company will undertake the production and engineering services of the Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer, known as CITV, used in M1 Abrams tanks. 

CITV helps M1 Abrams tank commanders to find and define targets by allowing commanders to monitor the environment around him in all weather conditions, which also increases situational awareness. Providing 360-degree panoramic view, the system can move independently from the vehicle's turret. With CITV, the tank commander can detect targets and relay them to the gunner.

The system was first manufactured by Texas Instruments in 1980 and integrated into the M1A1 Abrams Block II tanks.

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