R&D Promise for Altay Engine by Delta

R&D Promise for Altay Engine by Delta 2 April, 2017

The Altay Main Battle Tank's engine program has successfully overcome a major problem with the release of information that the engine to be used on Altay will be supplied from Ukraine. UkrOboronProm General Manager Romanov said in a special interview with our magazine that Turkish and Ukrainian prime ministers have reached an agreement and that a long-lasting work has been carried out for cooperation. C4Defence contacted at Delta Defence LTD, the representative of UkrOboronProm in Turkey, who works behind the scenes. General Manager Serdar Özyurt is a name that Turkish public does not know much about. Özyurt, who has been working in defence field in various countries abroad, has shared his plans about the process and the engine. Underlining that the work should be seen in a wider frame than being only a tank engine, Özyurt said that the relationship between Ukraine and the firm is a long history. Özyurt, "we have formed the infrastructure of this agreement for a year. We showed both sides the challenges they will face and the opportunities that a collaboration will bring". Özyurt summarized the plans related to the motor as follows; "With regard to the diesel engine, we have chosen eight engineers from UkrOboronProm from Ukraine; three or four engineers from Turkey will join this group. We are starting all work on an additional diesel engine with 12 people in the R&D office that will be opening up next week. We are getting all technical support from UkrOboronProm."

Özyurt stated that all the work for the Altay MBT will be carried out in the R&D office. "Our goal is to finish the R&D of the National Diesel engine and export it to allied countries because it is not only our country that need this motor. We think that one of them would be Pakistan. We believe that we can meet their needs as well, "he said.

Stating that the production of the Altay tank and the Fırtına Howitzer is a proposal for a quick solution to export problems, Özyurt said, "We have 200 off-the-shelf diesel engines from Ukraine. We want these engines to operate on the tank and on the howitzer, promising that there will not be any limitations of export due to cross-border operations. As a result of the work carried out so far, transmission adaptations of the 5TDMI1 engine to the Fırtına Howitzer were also provided. So, in fact, these engines will come as power packs with their transmissions. We have 100 units of this engine. Another 100 6TD engine is also ready for Altay tank. We also guarantee not experiencing such inconveniencies that was faced with MTU engines, if these engines are used. "

Editor's note:

The engine to be supplied from Ukraine will be subjected to some conformity studies due to the size of the engine and the power it produces. The currently used MTU engine is heavier than the Ukrainian engine and takes up more space in the tank. The MTU engine, on the other hand, produces higher torque that allows the tank to maneuver abruptly. The torque that will be produced by the Ukrainian engine and the body of the tank have to be brought in to conformitty with these changes.

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R&D Promise for Altay Engine by Delta

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