Reinforcement for Maritime Patrol

Reinforcement for Maritime Patrol 8 January, 2020

Pakistan is taking firm steps in system procurement processes. The Navy Public Relations Unit introduced ATR-72 aircraft adapted to the maritime patrol missions, which received recently.

With the agreement signed with Rheinland Air Services in 2016, the process of adapting two ATR-72s to the maritime patrol requirements had began. Platforms, which equipped with Leonardo Seaspray 7300E AESA radar, Flir production SAFIRE III electro-optic and infrared sensor system and elettronica EW system,s were renamed RAS-72 Sea Eagle. The aircraft also equipped with mission control equipment, a product of Aerodata AG, also gained the sensor fusion algorithm. RAS-72s, which also have the light torpedo capability, will be able to perform anti-submarine warfare missions.

Taking steps in the field of unmanned systems, the Pakistan Navy introduced LUNA NG UAV in this context. With a maximum take-off weight of 110 kg, UAV can carry synthetic aperture radar, SIGINT, ED and infrared electrooptic equipment. UAV will serve as a police station in relatively small areas such as coastal waters and streams.

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