Replacing F-16s Will Cost 15 Billion Euros to Belgium 25 February, 2016

According to an article published in Belga news agency, in French, The Belgian government’s decision to buy 34 fighter-bombers are estimated to cost 15 billion euros (initial purchase and operation over forty years). Aircrafts will enable Belgium to defend its airspace and to deploy at least six aircraft on operations abroad. The government, in approving Minister of Defence, Steven Vandeput’s "Strategic Plan 2016-2030" earmarked an amount of 3.573 billion euros for the purchase of 34 new aircraft, intended to replace the aging F-16 from 2023. By adding all costs (acquisition, use of both types of aircraft during the transition period, spare parts and documentation, personnel training and even changes and developments term), one would arrive at more than tripled costs over the lifetime, an amount of about 14.967 billion euros, added Colonel Van Pee, the head of the Defence Staff’s Programme Office. Belgium is planning to upgrade its aging F-16 fleet.

Issue 86