Robots on the Field 27 July, 2019


BAE Systems successfully completed the tests with the P950 unmanned surface vehicle, which mounted with the MSI Defence’s new remote weapon system. The autonomous Pacific 950 rigid inflatable boat was used as a test platform and was designed to provide faster, easier and safer naval tasks. Developed in collaboration with L3Harris and MSI Defense Systems, the platform aims to reduce the workload and make it easier for operators to focus on mission-critical decisions from long distances.


  The bot is programmed to analyse the threat and take position based on the situation. The platform has been designed with the flexibility to perform various tasks such as anti-piracy, border control, persistent intelligence gathering, maritime security and force protection. The vehicle, which can be controlled by remote operator, can also serve as semi-autonomous for 10 days in patrol mode and up to 300 knots in follow-up mode.

Robots on the Field

Issue 86