ROKETSAN Delivers Teber-82 Guidance Kits

ROKETSAN Delivers Teber-82 Guidance Kits 4 August, 2020

Defence Industry President Professor İsmail Demir stated from his social media account that TEBER-82 Guidance Kits developed by ROKETSAN made new deliveries.

TEBER is a laser guidance kit for use on MK- 81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs. TEBER converts these bombs into precision smart weapons using Inertial Navigation System (INS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Semi-Active Laser (SAL) Seeker.

An add-on SAL Seeker, mounted on the front section, provides a precise hit capability against moving targets. The Laser Seeker may be equipped with a proximity sensor.

The TEBER tail section is composed of GPS and INS for precise guidance and can be integrated onto the bomb by user in the field. The tail section can also automatically identify the types of bombs (MK-81/MK-82).


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