Roketsan Discloses Karaok Short-Range ATGM Development

Roketsan Discloses Karaok Short-Range ATGM Development November 18, 2018

Roketsan has disclosed initial details of a new 125 mm man portable short-range anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) that is currently in an accelerated phase of development. British journal Jane’s wrote about Karaok.

Roketsan’s 125 mm Koraok short-range ATGM development is intended for airborne infantry and amphibious and special forces. Karaok is a single-use, shoulder-launched weapon system with a stated range of 1,000 m-plus.

Weighing less than 25 kg (launcher and effector), Karaok is 110 cm long and features an aligned, cruciform fold-out wing and aft fin assembly. The missile is equipped with a tandem warhead and a new indigenously developed hybrid dual-stage rocket motor designed to enable fire from an enclosed space. Launch modes include lock-on before launch, lock-on after launch, and fire-and-forget; engagement modes include top and direct attack.

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