ROKETSAN to Produce Warhead Material

ROKETSAN to Produce Warhead Material 30 August, 2020

The ROKETSAN, which was established to bring an end to dependence of Turkish defence abroad, will produce warhead. ROKETSAN carried out the necessary studies for the production of RDX and HMX materials, which are the main components of warhead explosive production, with domestic and national resources.

ROKETSAN carried out process development studies at various scales until the pilot plant reached its capacity. The production of critical raw materials in the amount required for process development studies was also carried out by ROKETSAN with special process design.

Pilot-scale process design was created based on small-scale process development studies. In this direction, equipment and building designs were created by taking into account all national and international regulations, including process and work safety regulations.

The established production facility was designed to perform RDX and HMX productions in the safest way using full automation, with a remote control approach. In this direction, the construction activities of the buildings have been completed.

Thanks to RDX and HMX productions, the production of explosives used in the warheads and reactive armour systems of the rocket and missile systems produced by ROKETSAN will be carried out without foreign dependency.

ROKETSAN to Produce Warhead Material

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