ROKETSAN's SOM-J goes to Australia

ROKETSAN's SOM-J goes to Australia 1 March, 2017

According to the news featured on CNNTurk TV, ROKETSAN is preparing to sell SOM-J missiles to Australia. The television, which broadcasted news from the International Aviation Fair Avalon Airshow 2017 in Geelong, Australia, met with ROKETSAN officials here. ROKETSAN Engineering Director Cenk Önen announced that they were about to start sales of SOM-J missiles to Australia's new generation F-35A fighter aircraft. ROKETSAN's SOM missiles have already entered into the TSK inventory. ROKETSAN and US Lockheed Martin are working on a project to ensure that the SOM missiles can be carried in the fuselage of F-35 aircraft. These missiles are called SOM-J, which will provide effective use against especially surface targets.

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