Rolls-Royce’s TF-X Move 3 December, 2016

Turkey has received an important offer from the United Kingdom for the Turkish Indigenous Jet Fighter Program, TF-X. We met with Patrick Regis, CEO of Rolls-Royce in Turkey, and heard from him the details of the British offer discussed by the highest-ranking state officials.

C4Defence: If you will, let us start with the most known issue. Rolls-Royce is the most powerful candidate for the TF-X Project. However, Rolls-Royce not only produces engines but is also involved in many other business. What would you share with us about your offer?

Patrick Regis: Firstly, I should tell you what we are doing in Turkey, because it is not just about TF-X. Turkey is a strategic market for us. We realise that compared to our competitors we have been here relatively recently. So we recognise that we need to do some things differently in order to have a good position with our customers.

Issue 86