Rules Change In Air-to-Air

Rules Change In Air-to-Air 4 November, 2017

It's been revealed that the US Department of Defence has developed a new air to air missile. The department's work on the issue is included in documents related to the 2018 defence budget. It has also been learned that this information has been revealed under a different name in the past and that it did not attract attention. The programme was conducted under the title of "developing technologies by new capabilities appeared over the course", which was mostly devoted to some junior work related to electronic warfare.

According to a report in the Flight Global Aviation Magazine, the "long-range engagement weapon (LREW)" analysis of the design, engineering and impact systems was completed last year. In Pentagon's budget for the 2018 fiscal year, it was stated that the LREW will be delivered multiple force commands when development is completed successfully."

It is also noted that the missile will replace Raytheon's "AIM-120D AMRAAM" with a 160 km range and be used predominantly on the fifth generation F-22s.

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