Russian Vehicles Stucked into Mud

Russian Vehicles Stucked into Mud 3 April, 2020

The Russians got stuck in mud in Syria.

On Monday (March 30th), US troops experienced some problems Russian soldiers. According to unconfirmed claims, Russian soldiers wanted to cross the borderline they set with US and perform patrols in oil fields under the control of the separatist terrorist organization in the northeastern part of the country. The USA then blocked the road used by Russian troops in patrol missions and did not allow passage through the region. In the images in social media, it was seen that US soldiers closed the area by using M-ATVs, which produced by Oskosh. On the other hand, Russian soldiers, attempted to bypass the obstacle but were not successful. The BTR-82A 8x8 and GAZ Tigr platforms of Russia were stuck in the mud due to soft ground as they tried to make their way from the roadside field. The vehicles, which could not move in the soil loosened due to precipitation, were also pulled out from the field, where they stuck, with the Typhoon-K of the Russian soldiers, which participated to the patrol duty.

The fact that the BTR-82A, one of its aims is moving on the soft ground, was stuck in the mud.

Russian Vehicles Stucked into Mud

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