Russia Detects 22 Foreign Jets in Its Airspace

Russia Detects 22 Foreign Jets in Its Airspace 10 April, 2020

The Russian Armed Forces last week identified 22 jets in violation of Russian airspace. The platforms were reported to have been involved in reconnaissance activities near the airspace.

The military's official newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, published an infographic on airspace violations. A weekly infographic published by the outlet showed that Russian fighter jets had been scrambled twice to intercept foreign aircraft. Russia has also detected five drones for reconnaissance and observation on its borders.

At the end of March, it was observed that 24 jets near Russian airspace were involved in reconnaissance activities. Russia, which previously conducted training activities on the Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom line further south than usual, led Norway's F-35A Lightning to take the Tu-142 prevention mission for the first time.

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