Okhotnik and Su-57 Flew Together

Okhotnik and Su-57 Flew Together 30 September, 2019

Russia's S-70 Okhotnik-B, or Hunter-B, and Su-57 advanced combat jet have flown together for the first time. The Russians see at least one of the S-70's future missions being to operate together with the Su-57 in a "loyal wingman" role.

The Russian Defence Ministry announced the test flight on September 27th.  The flight reportedly lasted "more than 30 minutes," according to an official statement.

"As part of the ongoing test program, the Okhotnik drone performed a flight in the automated mode," the Russian Defence Ministry's statement said. The S-70 will "broaden the fighter's radar coverage and to provide target acquisition for employing air-launched weapons," it continued.


Okhotnik and Su-57 Flew Together

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