Russia Began Trials

Russia Began Trials 5 August, 2019

Russia testing BMD-2M airborne assault vehicle with new combat module. BMD-2M air-deployable infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) has entered state trials. According to the TASS News Agency, BMD-2 combat vehicles equipped with the Bereg combat module unofficially dubbed ‘mini-Berezhok". Corporation Rostec and Russia’s Defence Ministry inked a contract on the upgrade of 540 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and BMD-2 airborne assault vehicles under a new state armament program for 2018-2025. The new module features a one-seat turret and excludes the commander’s seat and the fire control system is standardized with the similar systems of the Bakhcha and Berezhok combat modules. The news agency said the upgraded vehicles are expected to enter service in 2021.

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