Russia Deploys Radar to Southern District

Russia Deploys Radar to Southern District 30 November, 2018

Russia has decided to deploy advanced radar systems to southern region. Increasing Western aircraft reconnaissance flights are announced as reason for this decision.

After increasing NATO flights of Western reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, the Moscow administration announced the deployment of Nebo-UM radar system to the southern part of the country. The radar system launched last Saturday is known as a modernized version of Nebo-U series radars. Nebo-UM, is a VHF / multi-band 3D radar system, is known as Tall Rack in NATO-code name. The system is a mobile radar and can operate in all weather conditions and detect different threats such as aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and hypersonic warheads. Nebo-UM has a maximum effective range of 600 kilometres, can transfer data to air defence systems in the region. The Nebo-UM radar can operate independently or as part of the radar network.

Russian Western Military Region said in a statement, the system will reinforce the control of Russian military air control in the region. At the beginning of November, the EP-3 Aries was claimed to aggressive interception of Russian aircraft. Russian military sources said that only 16 foreign aircraft were detected in Russian airspace borders last week, and three of them are intercepted.

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