Russia Establishes Consultative Group for Intellectual Property Rights

Russia Establishes Consultative Group for Intellectual Property Rights 16 December, 2019

More than 500 cases of unauthorised copying of Russian weapons and military hardware have been exposed over the past 17 years, the chief of intellectual property projects at the Rostech corporation, Yevgeny Livadny, has said. In October, Rosoborontexport declared the creation of a consultative group for the protection of intellectual property rights within the framework of military-technical cooperation with other countries. Livadny said that groups of Russian specialists working abroad often managed to expose such illegal copying. Still, even when such cases are registered, it is impossible to present anything in court, because there are no patents for Russian weapons and equipment registered abroad.

"China alone has copied aircraft engines, Sukhoi planes, deck jets, air defence systems. Such foreign companies as Raytheon and BAE Systems have up to 5,000 patents abroad. They disclose their intellectual property, for they see no risks. In the meantime, neither our Defence Ministry nor defence-industrial complex enterprises have registered patents abroad” he said.

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