Russia Held Training in Mediterranean

Russia Held Training in Mediterranean 19 November, 2018

In the last months, waters get hotter in the Mediterranean where there are more war ships than ever before. Russia organized a drill in the Mediterranean.

Project 11356 class RFNS Admiral Makarov (799) and RFNS Essen (490) frigates joined the drills which are part of Russian Black Sea Fleet. Within the scope of the exercises where some training activities were organized, the crew of the ship organized submarine detection, tracking and rescue trainings with deck-based rotary wing platforms. During the trainings of Ka-27PL and Ka-27 PS helicopters, 30 take-offs and landings were carried out.

Project 11356R / M class frigates were developed in order to operate in blue waters. The platforms are equipped with eight Kalibr-NK cruise missile launchers and have the ability to make anti-submarine warfare.


Russia Held Training in Mediterranean

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