Russia modernize Indian Project 877EKM submarines 12 January, 2016

According to the Economic Times, Russia may cooperate with India’s Larsen&Toubro Company to upgrade Russian-made diesel-electric submarines on the Indian Territory.  According to estimates, the submarines’ upgrade will be worth $800 million. India is planning to modernize three Russian-made Project 877EKM diesel-electric submarines, the Sindhudhvaj, the Sindhuraj and the Sindhurashtra, that require medium repair that is expected to take 27 months.
The Project 877EKM diesel-electric submarine has a displacement of 2,300 tons, a length of 72.6 meters, an underwater speed of 19 knots (about 35 km/h), a depth of submersion of 300 meters and cruising capacity of 45 days. Its crew totals 52.

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