Russia Tests New Hypersonic Missile

Russia Tests New Hypersonic Missile 11 May, 2020

Russia has tested a new hypersonic missile designed for the Tu-22M3M strategic bomber.

In an interview with Russia-based news agency TASS, a source said the new missile was being developed for a modernized variant of the Russian Air Force's Tu-22M3M aircraft. 

The source said the new missile operations began several years ago and the munitions developed did not belong to the X-32 missile line.

There was no official statement from an official source about the munitions tested at Tu-22M3, but Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech on Victory Day underlined that under all circumstances they would address the need for the armed forces.

"We will go ahead with developing and improving our armed forces. Under any circumstance, we will implement the plans for reinforcing all arms and services and equipping them with advanced weapons and other hardware, including strategic ones, unparalleled high accuracy and hypersonic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotized combat systems.” Putin said.

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